About 9Iron – Sports Hydration Drink



The Idea to form a vitamin, hydration drink began in 2007 with discussions between the founders while on the golf course. They talked about the need for quality products for golfers. They realized there was no drink on the market which targeted the golfer, so they decided to create one.


They sampled many of the drinks currently on the market and concluded that most of the drinks didn’t taste very good, contained a lot of sugar as well as excessive amounts of caffeine. While caffeine and sugar provide a brief burst of energy, there is generally a crash and burn effect that follows. They wanted their drink to provide a natural alternative of energy and hydration.


Hence, 9Iron was born! 9Iron has been developed and formulated especially for the golfer, as well as others involved in activity or sport requiring the replacement of essential electrolytes and vitamins.


9Iron is committed to providing a quality product. That’s why we have brought aboard the most professional and knowledgeable staff possible. While we are a young company, we are staffed by individuals who have years of experience in running successful businesses and we are committed to bringing our experience and knowledge to our customers.